VELVETiNO is a Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Fondant / ganache style concentrate, it has a consistent silky mouth feel, with a couverture rich impression and subtle caramel overtones from evaporated cane sugars.. To achieve a desirable result in different applications for example, piping, filling, spreading, topping etc; adjustments in consistency, elasticity and colour can be achieved with the aid of condensed milk, evaporated milk, cream, ricotta mascarpone and jams etc. As a beverage VELVETiNO is unique in its quality, ease of use and consistency; it is an excellent choice for Mocha Coffee, as a Hot Chocolate it is prepared by adding VELVETiNO to your choice of milk whether full cream, slim or soy etc. VELVETiNO is a registered Trademark it is shelf stable at ambient temperatures and is available only in 700gram stand up squeeze bottles.

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