VELVETiNO Italian Chocolate “Cioccolata Indulgenza” like no other.

yet timeless, liquid velvet at its most decadent.

Rich and dark,
sweet on the palate, smooth on the tongue.



A whisper of Italy in every velvety sip …

Romance-VELVETiNO-01aFour old men sit and watch the world go by. They meet the same time, same place every day. They spin tall tales of their youth. They shake their heads over the football. Trade pictures of their grandchildren.  A pretty girl walks by and they stop and smile. She smiles back. And for a second they are seventeen again.
VELVETiNO Italian Chocolate.
“Italiano tradizionale”
       ... Traditionally Italian




Romance-VELVETiNO-03aThe elegant arc of a brass gramophone arm. The ageless appeal of a scratchy Puccini opera as the needle sets the notes free to rise in the air and dance with the swirling dust motes. The grace of long satin gloves, a pearl clasp and a woman with Sophia Loren eyes. 
VELVETiNO Italian Chocolate.
“Bellezza classico”
      ... Classically beautiful.



Romance-VELVETiNO-04aTwo girlfriends at a café in Milano high on the glitz and glamour of Versace’s latest show. So much to talk about. The evening lengthens and the conversation drifts. To the time they saw George Clooney wandering the streets of Napoli. To their masks for Carnavele. To the little gelataria just off the Piazza della Scala – the cities best kept secret.
VELVETiNO Italian Chocolate.
      ... The ideal gossip companion.


Romance-VELVETiNO-02aThat perfect moment when the aroma of sweet, rich chocolate seduces your senses. Your nostrils flare, your mouth waters, your eyes flutter closed and you sigh. The pleasure of it consumes every sense, strokes velvet fingers across your skin and you shiver.
You want to indulge yet you don’t want this moment to end….
VELVETiNO Italian Chocolate.
      ... Sensation.




Two old friends. Echoes of their shared childhood in every wrinkle. A tiny fishing village. Learning to be men from the chatter of their grandfather’s as they mended their nets on the dock. Many years later and far away from the sea, no words are needed.  The bond forged by the shores of the Med nurtured in silence.
VELVETiNO Italian Chocolate.
“Portare il tempo”
      ... Take the time.




A little girl with a cheeky grin whiles away the minutes at an al fresco café in Roma surrounded by the rhythm of the city. Hushed conversations waft towards her. Stories of her older sister, her four uncles, her nonna. Her papa’s secret lover.
She patiently waits her turn at life knowing one day she too will live grand and love completely.  For now she is content to know the world revolves around her. 
VELVETiNO Chocolate.
      ... Cheeky.


Whispers of Italy….
Chocolate thy name is VELVETiNO.
“Cioccolata Indulgenza” 

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