Velvetino-Cup-Close-PourBeginning as a humble market stall selling cappuccinos, it was our traditional Italian Cioccolata that quickly gained a reputation for excellence. Demand was so great we began to exclusively sell our Italian Cioccolata which rapidly grew in popularity.

Word spread beyond the market and soon everyone was asking us to produce a specialised, commercially available, traditional Italian Cioccolata.

One that was thick and velvety, sweet and heady.
A pleasure on the palate.
One that conjured images of Italy with every sip.

Sun drenched piazzas. Shady olive groves.  Fat grapes ripening in drowsy rows.
Bells ringing across the Ponte dei Sospiri in Venezia. 
Lover’s wooing at the Fontana de Trevi.
A long lazy summer on the Spiaggia di Marina Grande at Positano.

So that’s what we did.
We set about producing our classic traditional Italian Cioccolata in commercial quantities and soon our humble product was being used by chefs mixing it with wonderful ingredients and by baristas for hot & cold beverages.

Many months of tinkering, testing, refining, honing the recipe has resulted in the perfect blend - sweet as nectar, smooth as velvet.

VELVETiNO – Italian Chocolate – Cioccolata Indulgenza.

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