Looking for a way to stand out from the crowd?

VELVETiNO welcomes you to enjoy world class Italian Cioccolata that will entice you and your customers alike.

Velvetino-Dispenser-PourHorizontal 8 of 8With a whisper of Italy in every sip we call it liquid gold or velvet (velluto).

Our specialised, commercially available, gluten free chocolate recipe has been extensively market tested and is supplied pre-packed as a ready to serve concentrate for use as a beverage, filling, topping, spreading, dipping and specials.

Our unique Italian chocolate is a result of many months of honing a traditional recipe in our own kitchens to achieve the quintessential blend - sweet as nectar, smooth as velvet - for the traditional Italian Cioccolata.

  Rich and dark, VELVETiNO as a chocolate beverage is labour saving / quick & easy to produce and serve in peak periods, is known for its consistency of flavour and its amazing smooth velvety viscosity.

It's long shelf life and the ability to extend VELVETiNO to fill all your chocolate needs is a waste free winning combination.

Already impressively popular with a reputation for excellence, VELVETiNO chocolate will prove irresistible to customers craving a classically Italian Cioccolata.

VELVETiNO Cioccolata - a whisper of Italy in every sip.  Cioccolata Indulgenza



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